New To Relentless?

We love seeing new people each week and you will feel right at home here! Your first time with us, straight after the service, our team will come and say hi and show you where the café is so you can have a coffee and a snack on us! It’s easy to rush off when you are new somewhere, but hang around and make some new friends!

Our service runs for 90 minutes and will consist of worship an a preach that is relevant and powerful. If you have children then our Relentless Kids Team are there ready to welcome them and make them feel at home.

Coming on your own? Why not let us know you are coming.


Relentless Kids

Relentless Kids is for everyone between the ages of 4-11. Every Sunday we get together and give all of our children the best hour and a half of their week! Our mission is to help children get to know Jesus more and know that with Him as their best friend, nothing can stand in their way.

New Wave Youth

At New Wave we know that life should be lived FULL! A life packed with fun, passion, enthusiasm, laughter and of course friends. Every Friday night at 7:30pm and throughout the week, in many different ways, we are making it possible for young people to enjoy that life and to see them empowered to live a fearless and fun life with God.


Our midweek communities are small gatherings of people who meet in different places around Warrington and the surrounding areas to hang out, eat and talk about life. Communities are where we pray for each other, support each other and grow in our extravagant God together, they take place every week in different venues and settings, on different days and at different times


Teams are a great way to serve yet be together and to create an experience for people to experience Jesus and bring a part of Heaven to them. We all have a part and a purpose in what God is doing no matter where we’ve come from!

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Word of the Week is our weekly devotional that is sent out every Monday morning, what better way to start your week than in God’s word?




The moment you make the decision to follow Jesus is the most important moment in your life, along with us, all of Heaven is rejoicing! Here’s to eternity!