Dark Valleys.

The thing about dark valleys is that we can’t see where we’re going, and sometimes it’s so dark we don’t know the next step we’re going to take, and it can be very stressful because we can’t lead ourselves. I remember when I was going through a dark valley, I was praying. I’m on my knees saying to God, “Lord, I need your direction, I need your wisdom and guidance because I honestly don’t know myself what the next step is” as I’m saying this, I think to myself, wow, when was the last time I prayed that? Why do we only ask for wisdom and guidance when we don’t know what to do? Why is it that when life is going great, we rely on God less because we think we’ve got it under control? I’ve realised that dark valleys are a good thing; they bring us back to a reliance on God because, without them, we’d pray a lot less! Dark valleys bring us back to the reality of our helpless state, our powerless incapability and our desperate need for God and his guidance. God lets us go through dark valleys so we can allow him to lead us.Psalms 23:4 – “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”

When David Wrote this; there were no street lights. Dark valleys were pitch black. Not only this but sheep have lousy eyesight. So in dark valleys, the Shepard would bang his stick on the ground so the sheep could follow by hearing the Shepard. They couldn’t see where they were going, so they relied only on hearing the Shepard! Do you rely on the staff of God? 

In life, we go through dark valleys where we don’t know the next step, but take heart, for it’s these moments where God is bringing us into a deeper relationship with him, relying on his every word. Dark valleys form dependence and dependence forms relationship. 

Are you going through a dark valley? Good, Rejoice! For God is drawing you near. – Adam