Helping families in need with your church donations in Warrington

What does donating to church in Warrington do?

Donating to a church, or tithing, is a practice that has both spiritual and practical effects.

Spiritual Effect

From a spiritual perspective, many churchgoers view tithing as an act of worship, a way to demonstrate gratitude to God for their blessings, and a means to exercise their faith in God’s provision.

It’s often seen as a tangible expression of the Biblical principle that everything we have comes from God, and we are merely stewards of those resources.

Practical Level

On a practical level, tithes and offerings provide the financial resources that a church needs to operate.

This may include maintaining the church building, supporting local and international missions, funding outreach programs, providing for the needy, and more.

Without these funds, churches would struggle to fulfil their mission.

When you make a church donation in Warrington to Relentless Church, your generosity extends beyond the church walls, it reaches the heart of the Warrington community.

Our vision is to help 1% of Warrington’s population find their Saviour, Jesus, and guide them towards a genuine, active relationship with Him.

Our mission, fuelled by every church donation in Warrington, is to assist individuals in finding and following Jesus.

Your contribution makes a significant difference, helping us turn our vision into reality and fulfil our mission.

Our Plan

In 2023, we set out a plan to complete Phase One of our mission.

Thanks to your generosity and heart for God’s people, we were able to go above and beyond that!

When starting Phase One, our focus was the auditorium – a space essential for our mission to facilitate more people in Warrington finding and following Jesus.

While we understand that the true essence of the church is its people, not the building, our physical meeting place matters as it is where newcomers find us and where we glorify God.

We set out to raise £15,000 through church donations in Warrington from our generous church to enhance this sacred space, and with heartfelt gratitude, we celebrate surpassing our goal, raising £20,349.32!

Legally, we were stuck at the maximum capacity of people that we were allowed in the auditorium.

Still, we are called to help people, and we aren’t going to turn anyone away from finding Jesus.

We now have no legal maximum capacity in our auditorium and have successfully made room for more!

Your incredible generosity not only fulfilled the auditorium’s renovation but also set the groundwork for future projects in Phase Two.

Now that Phase One has been completed with great success, we’re excited to announce Phase Two is starting now!

How can I help a family in need?

Here’s what we aim to achieve through your church donations in Warrington.

Phase Two is all about our kids & family building.

As we heard from Pastor Vicky’s preach on Sunday, “There is no better way to create a healthy family than meeting the needs of the parents.”

Everything runs down from the parents in a family. Now, imagine a place where we can help support families in crisis.

What if our kids & family building can be a place where we can support parents struggling with mental health, struggling with addictions, struggling with depression, struggling financially and struggling to find a job?

Maybe social services are involved, and we can work alongside social services to provide a venue.

We need to be ready to receive these families because this isn’t a what-if. It’s a when.

This is Phase Two. So, how can you help families in crisis?

In the upcoming months here at Relentless Church in Warrington, we’re going to be hosting many fundraising events where you can donate to a church in Warrington dedicated to children & families.

Below, you can find out more about the ways you can get involved and support our mission.

Get Involved

I want to donate…

Here at Relentless Church in Warrington, we have an amazing team called the Financial Ministry, and you can contribute your church donations to Phase Two through this amazing team.

This is for the people who can say, “I am able to give above and beyond”.

If you’re interested in giving to children and families in need or finding out more about it, you can do so here.

I want to volunteer…

We’re planning many events, and we’ll need a team dedicated to helping facilitate events in which we raise money for Phase Two: The kids & family building.

If this is you, or you’d like to know more about volunteering, you can sign up here.

Stay up to date…

While church fundraising events are all about raising money for Phase Two, they’re also going to be so much fun AND for an amazing cause!

If you want to stay up to date will all upcoming events that you can attend with friends and family stay up to date by following us on social media!

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