Purpose in Life: How Barry Found Faith

Barry Cross | Senior Pastor | Relentless Church Warrington
Barry Cross | Senior Pastor

In this blog, I will show you how I found my purpose in life and how you can find yours. If you’re trying to find yours, then you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common questions I get asked, and for good reason. Finding your true purpose in life changes everything. It won’t stop you from facing circumstances, we all face those – but it will change how you’re equipped to face them and help you to respond with faith and confidence that will stop you from giving up and failing before you’ve succeeded.

25 years ago, I was living without any direction in my life. I’d lost my way and become disillusioned with the world and how difficult and seemingly against me it was. In my search, I had joined a group in college that used to smoke cannabis and went on to try and regularly take most drugs for many years. In fairness, it seemed to be helpful. The drugs opened my mind to a different way of thinking, away from the world’s ways into an alternative reality that felt like taking the red pill in the famous film, The Matrix. With my mind open, I was free to explore other possible “realities” and lifestyles that made a lot of sense. For all its freedom, it was a world and way of life with much darkness to it.

Miraculously, at the point when I was about to take a turn into the ultimate depths of heroin, my eyes were opened to a world of colour and light that had no darkness in it. It was so real and complete that it transformed my life in an instant and forever. My eyes had been opened, and I could never go back, I could never deny, and I could never forget what I had been shown. The maker of the universe had taken the time to reach down to me and show me that He was there, and He was not only there, but I knew He was everywhere! In a life-changing moment, as short as the twinkling of an eye, I was known, I knew, and never wanted to go back to not knowing! There were more, and I’m looking up at a ladder of more, that’s so high I can’t see the top!

I’m 25 years on, and I’ve seen so much of my purpose revealed and achieved during that time. I’ve reached my purpose so far. But there’s more, much more, but how did I find out and realise any of it?

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Simple faith: Three specific parts of faith will help you achieve your purpose in life.

  1. Prayer. There’s a specific type of prayer that’s needed here. It can be one single prayer, or it can just as often be multiple prayers. It’s generally determined, and it’s often alone and intimate, but there’s one thing that’s consistent it’s always hungry. The reason our prayers are not answered is all too often because we give up too easily. God doesn’t always answer our prayers immediately because He knows exactly when the right time is, and that’s not always dependant on our perceived need. Our attitude and personal position are just as important to the timing as the other things we often focus on. God wants us to keep communicating with Him over our problems because He speaks to us. The more we pray, the more we learn about ourselves, and God and that process changes us.
  2. Truth. There’s a little known verse in the book of Hosea that says: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”. It goes on to tell those who are listening that God rejects those who reject His knowledge. Think about that, God expects us to not only gain an understanding that will help us, but he expects us to accept it. The knowledge He’s talking about is His knowledge, His wisdom and His truth about the situation. Take the time to read The Bible – which is His word, understand it and accept it, which means putting it into practice in your life. Read the book of Proverbs chapter 2 specifically. It tells us God gives wisdom to those who tune into wisdom. Those who determine that they want to hear.
  3. Church. Commitment to a local church is required of any Christian and essential and crucial in bringing the Christian life together. It’s here where you learn the things that you would otherwise miss, the things that only church can teach you. The Christian life is not just a matter of reading and praying. Still, it’s about being a part of God’s family and any good family member spending time with their family. Giving and receiving, developing relationships and growing and learning our true purpose in life.

There are so many ways that God reveals His purpose to us, but the three I’ve listed above will always help you find yours. Once you have, you will have found that moment of faith that believes. Write it down, remember it and start living it because the moment you do, you’ve already transformed your life into a purposeful one.

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