Relentless Church – Warm Spaces in Warrington

We are pleased to announce that Relentless Church will host two Warm Spaces Warrington evenings on the 2nd & 16th of April.

Warm Spaces are a community initiative run by governing bodies across the UK, including in Warrington by Warrington Borough Council.

These events offer communities a warm, safe space to enjoy a meal, socialise and put their daily worries to the back of their mind for a few hours!

Everyone is welcome, young and old. With the support of WBC, our collective mission is to open our doors and provide a sanctuary to those in Warrington feeling the effects of the current energy and cost-of-living crises.

Relentless Church’s doors will be open from 3-4:30pm, and on the evenings, you can expect:

  • A sizeable welcoming space in the heart of Warrington
  • A warming, hot meal
  • Games and an opportunity to socialise

Our faith compels us to be involved in such community programmes in these challenging times.

We can offer our warm, inviting and inclusive church in Warrington to members of our community who need it most!

Our Warm Spaces in Warrington evenings are not just for people of faith. Anyone across our local area struggling to heat their home is welcome, including families with young children.

These evenings are also open to those who may struggle with the feelings associated with loneliness or a disconnect from their peer group.

For more information, call Relentless Church on 07828 317 492, email or use our online contact form here!

We are Relentless Church; our mission is simple, to see people live a fulfilling life and gain empowerment through faith.

Our Sunday services are both in our church in Warrington as well as offering word-of-the-week worship via email, which you can subscribe to here.